The #1 Solution for Smelly Breath and Hands!


All Natural, Sugar Free and Dual Purpose!


Tired of failed attempts at masking the embarrassing smell after a smoke break?

Or having the horrid coffee breath that everyone hates?


Try Sprëtz!

Sprëtz is the first All Natural 2-in-1 Breath and Hand spray created to freshen you up in an instant. Let's face it, there isn't always a restroom or a place to wash your hands around and not all of us enjoy carrying a pocket full of gum, mints, colognes, lotions, hard candy, wipes, etc. Sprëtz works by delivering a powerful mist of freshness to both your mouth and hands removing odors associated with cigarette and cigar smoke or scents left after enjoying certain foods and beverages like coffee, sushi, buffalo hot wings, cheese and garlic fries just to name a few! With just a few sprays in the mouth and a few on the hands, Sprëtz will leave your hands and breath feeling smooth and smelling great! 

Welcome to the Future of Fresh!

Enjoy the coffee break, without the coffee breath.

Enjoy the coffee break, without the coffee breath.


Sprëtz delivers the power of mint to freshen you up while on the move. From coffee break to dinner date, a board meeting or after a sporting event, Sprëtz is the answer, providing freshness you can feel!

Sprëtz 3 pack
Sprëtz, because a kiss shouldn't be a drag!

Sprëtz, because a kiss shouldn't be a drag!

wHy Sprëtz?

Fresh is the new cool. Besides that, gum is sticky and can mess up your shoes, and we don't want to mess up your shoes! We want to keep you fresh!

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