Why We Love Fresh (And You Should, Too!)

Why Future of Fresh

We all know the normal ways people handle bad breath. Get some gum, mints, mouthwash or any kind of candy that could alleviate bad breath odors. But what about the people that not only have bad breath but, bad smelling hands or clothing. That is what this product is for and who it is for.

We went through 20 different iterations of this formula and packaging to deliver something that is subtle enough for your breath but strong enough for your hands. Gentle enough for a kiss yet powerful enough for a handshake. I am sure we have had moments where we had to dig in our pockets to find something that would help one or the other. With Sprëtz we have something to combat both in the one bottle.

We thought about the smokers, food lovers and those that need something for when they are on the go. We also thought about what smells people are more attracted to and resonates well with all. In those thoughts we landed upon peppermint and cinnamon. Both of these not only have a sense of fresh but also don’t stand out too much.

So next time you are asking “Why Future of Fresh”. Think of us and you will understand why.