Why Hands Though...?

A friend of mine recently asked me, "why hands though?" regarding Sprëtz.  My response wasn't speedy nor a defensive one, but more less an observation. As I slowly gave my response, we both thought about the countless things  a person touches throughout an entire day. Think about that for a moment.

Think about how many items you have touched, coughs you've covered, hands you've shaken, door knobs you've turned, foods you picked up, fingers you've licked (after eating of course), joints you rolled and or smoked, cigarette breaks you've taken, etc. And this was the main reason Sprëtz was created.

Yes, a person can run to a restroom and wash their hands, but there isn't always a restroom around and apparently studies are showing that not all people wash their hands http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2971931/Do-wash-hands-going-loo-62-men-40-women-admit-don-t-bother.html . Look Sprëtz does not replace good all hygiene, but it does help. It helps while on the move. In today's fast paced society I am happy there is a product that alleviates unwanted orders from the hands all while providing a nice fresh and clean feel. My friend who I started this dialogue with is a social smoker and absolutely loves Sprëtz for the hands. "Nothing can compare to it". My final response was...

Welcome to the Future of Fresh.