Being the Freshest, Doesn't Happen Overnight.

Throwback image of original Sprëtz. circa-2014 

Since airing on Shark Tank, things have been an on going roller coaster of up's and down's, high's and low's, and corkscrews loops on this crazy Sprëtz journey. I wont lie, I love it! We will not let anything break us for pursuing our mission of "Freshening up the World one Sprëtz at a time". Everyday has its own challenges, but that is why you have to be willing to face them head on and not back down or waiver. It will be okay. We knew coming out the gate that Sprëtz would be a fresh product that the world would soon appreciate and love, but we also knew it would take crazy work, countless hours of research, relentless effort, crazy motivation, second to none passion and determination and most all "BELIEF"! It likes the old saying goes, "it takes 10 years to be an overnight success" and that's what this company is focused on, success! And success to Sprëtz means our customers are happy and satisfied. Look, we started from the bottom now we are here. Now we are here; look around, look at look at how far we've come. Keep in mind that this nothing compared to where Sprëtz will be in the future. Someone will always have something to say or criticize and thats fine, they naysayers (or haters) are the ones who help create balance. Let's just keep hustle'n, working hard, keep the faith up and continue to provide our customers with quality a product that is all natural and futuristic. We know that being the freshest wont happen over night, but we also know that eventually it will happen. And when it does...we wont have to say we told you so. 

Stay cool my friends, 


Welcome to the Future of Fresh!