Sprëtz and enjoy your coffee break, without the coffee breath! 

Sprëtz and enjoy your coffee break, without the coffee breath! 



The new year is upon us and we at Sprëtz have so much to be thankful for.  Airing on on the biggest reality television show; ABC's Shark Tank, being featured on (twice), being interviewed by Business Rockstars selling tons of products to all 50 States and even some internationally countries, being reviewed on youtube, landing a co-packer, started shipping to a select stores in California (awesome!), still working on the new flavors, (sorry for the delay), all with our own money and resources! Can you "grinding and hustling"!, but with that said we truly believe that 2017 will be even better. feature for Fathers Day. 2016 feature for Fathers Day. 2016

I'll be honest, we bumped into a few things that almost through us off the grind, but in the words of the infamous Dj Khaled " They don't want to see Sprëtz win, so you know what we're going to do? We gonna win"! I won't lie, this shit gets extremly difficult at times. Not knowing exactly what steps to take, not knowing who to trust and or believe, spending money and not seeing a ROI, sheeeesshh! Who said being an entrepreneur was fun. 

IN 2017 the plan is the to continue to provide the ultimate freshness to our customers with amazing customer service, but the focus will be wholesale distribution and introduction of the new flavors to world. We feel that once Sprëtz is in stores and customers can grab it on the go without the need to order it will be dope! I had a amazing talk with Mr. Chris Johnson, the creator and founder of Rapid Brands (they make the Rapid Ramen bowl awesome product, you should check it out) and he was telling me " make sure you stick to your plan, keep your head down and focus. Stay in your lane, you will make it do not worry". I couldn't thank him enough for the sound business advice, honesty, and mentorship he provided during that discussion. That will be exactly what Sprëtz will do, Stay in Our Own Lane and kill it! 


Happy New Year everyone! And thank you!