15 Reasons Why You Need Sprëtz!

When I first created Sprëtz, it was done so with the intention of "I wish there was a product that could take away the smell of smoke". And it worked, I was able to create the first all natural breath and hand odor remover. But as I started down this journey, I found that Sprëtz also worked with certain foods I had eaten, coffee,  even the cheese I've paired. There is nothing like this on the market.

So here are a few reasons why we think Sprëtz is is a great product and why we think you would enjoy this new awesome and unique freshener. 

1. Sprëtz covers/removes/mask unwanted odors associated with smoking. e.g. cigarettes, weed (medical marijuana that is) cigars, cheese, fried food, sushi, hot wings, garlic fries, hot dogs, ...should I keep going?

2. You don't have to feel so embarrassed after that already sometime embarrassing and hate to admit it mid-afternoon smoke break.

3. Sprëtz is sugar free, 0 calories and wont leave your hands all chalky (hint hint) or sticky.

4. It's fresh, clean, discreet and easy to use.

5. You can finally say goodbye to morning breath after a night of partying,  and just happen to have forgotten your toothbrush! (it wont clean your teeth, but it will freshen your breath)

6. Chewing gum is banned and is illegal is Singapore! WHAAATTTT!!

7. It won't stick to the bottom of your shoe. I don't know about you, but I HATE when I step in gum! YUK!

8. Sprëtz does TWO things instead of one. TWO!!! 

9. The Sharks (season 7 episode 13 to be exact) said "It works" .

10. You need Sprëtz because it's the wave of the future. It's the one and only first of its kind product to alleviate certain orders without being super intrusive and or overwhelming. 

11. Cologne is overpowering. Besides, if you just smoked and sprayed on cologne, now you smell like whatever you smoked and hella cologne. And no one wants to be the person in the elevator smelling like a whole bottle of cologne!

12. uh, because prop 64 just passed and well, not everyone has to know! hahaha!

13. Because it taste great and yes, hands gets smelly. Don't believe me, smell them. Think about all the things you've touched  and ate today.....I'll wait.

14. It's all natural, no chemicals and no crazy blue dye 45 or red coloring 69 whichamaycallit!

15. Because it's fresh! And it was on Shark Tank.