Every Little Bit Counts!

It feels great to hear stores ordering multiple boxes of Sprëtz. It has been a long time coming, but we are getting there. 

I refuse to let anyone tell me that Sprëtz isn't one of the best ideas in a long time. 

I refuse to let anyone tell me that "there isn't a need for Sprëtz"! All natural 1 spray with 2 features...DOPE!

I refuse to believe anything other that what I believe to be true. With that being said, that being an entrepreneur is hard as #%@& and yes, there will be obstacles, but it's in the time of disbelief from others that keep Sprëtz going strong. We are so happy to be dropping off boxes and trust that we will be coming to a store near you. 

Sprëtz was created for the person on the go, the traveler, the entertainer, the roadie, the mom, dad, son and daughter. Sprëtz really is the future of fresh!


Sharks....ha! if only you knew!