From the finger-tips of Oakland to the fins of Shark Tank!

"How to Remove the Smell of Smoke?"

It all started with a crazy yet simple idea and a lot of belief. Sprëtz is an invention that would take shape in the mind of its creator Tony Gauthier. "I visualized an answer or solution to an age old problem, how do you remove the smell of smoke from the breath and hands". After many late night attempts, Sprëtz finally became a reality. Along with chemist-friend Russell, together we came up with the perfect all natural formula that was sugar free and could be used on both the breath the hands. The first of its kind! "I remember going to all these bars in Oakland, near Lake Merritt,  just running up on people asking if they would try it. People would look at me hella funny, but after they tried it, they loved it. I wanted to give people a quick and simple solution to getting rid of smoke smell, weed smell, garlic hand smell and coffee breath etc." 

Sprëtz is the only product that I have found to work. Sprëtz was created to remove the harsh odors of cigarette, cigars, medical marijuana (whatever you fancy), and other scents from the hands all while providing a blast of freshness for the breath.   

-Anthony, Artist-Los Angeles
"Perfect after a smoke break. It’s like a breath mint for your hands, one spray product that freshens two areas! There’s nothing out there like it!"
-Owner of
Love when you try other @sharktankabc products and THEY WORK!! Thanks @spretzme from both my wife and my dentist!!
Hands and Breath on point.
N. Diamond, customer "It Works"
"It's awesome! Left my breath super minty and my hands not even remotely sticky...worth every penny"